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Planning a trip is as exciting as going on one. I typically plan mine by reading up on the place in magazines, on the Internet – tourism websites, blogs, travel portals; and talking to people.
We are headed to Kuching, Malaysia early next year. I first read up on Borneo in a Lonely Planet magazine issue. We have family in Malaysia and with Kuala Lumpur (KL) as our base we want to travel around. We picked Borneo over Langkawi as the forests just seem so much more tempting to explore. Besides not too many countries give one access to the forests like Malaysia does (Kuching is a short 1 hour flight from KL)! Between Kota Kinabalu and Kuching, I was drawn to the later as it appears to be a lot wilder. (I might want to kill myself for choosing Kuching, considering we are traveling with kids, but I will leave that for an “after” post and maintain my excitement in this “before” post!).

Given all my apprehensions, I did a lot of reading up on Trip advisor and discovered location specific forums that offer a wealth of information. From hotels to guides to where to eat, these forums are a secret gem and a great way to connect with other fellow travelers.

On the Kuching forum I exchanged notes with other parents and am feeling a lot more confident on flying into the jungle with a 23 month old toddler, who when asked whether she wants to go to the beach or see orangutans, chose the big apes without blinking her eye!

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