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What do I enjoy writing about

As a mother who travels with a child, writing on travelling with children is one of my focus areas. I  hope to inspire parents to go out and explore the world with their children, because honestly travel is one life’s best teachers and a wonderful gift to give your child.

I am closet guide book author I admit! I enjoy writing about places that I have been too to the minutest detail, from where we stayed, where we ate to what we ate, and all the interesting experiences that we had there.

I am beginning to travel more on my own and enjoy writing about my experiences on the road.

My writing experience

I have had articles published in several Indian and international publications.










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Areas of interest

Travelling with kids

Sustainable & responsible travel

Luxury travel (because everyone loves to be pampered :))

Nature and wildlife

History and culture

Walking tours (because there’s no better way to experience a city)

I travelled to Malaysia with Tourism Malaysia last year and had a wonderful experience exploring parts of the country that I hadn’t been to before. Besides that all the travel I have written about so far has been self funded.

Going ahead I am hoping to work with tourism boards and companies who would like to partner with me to promote a destination or a brand in exciting and meaningful ways.

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